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Tour de Midwest July 28, 2008

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Today marks another stop on my Tour de Midwest…Tulsa, Oklahoma. After being in Kansas City all weekend to visit my in-laws, then 24 hours at home in St. Louis, I am in Tulsa for a couple days for work. Which basically boils down to…I guess last week wasn’t the best time for me to start a blog because I haven’t had time to do much posting!! Anyways, I’ll be back at it regularly on Wednesday evening.

For now, here are some of my favorite business-travel tips for staying healthy:

  • Don’t sit in the airport. Get a laptop bag that can attach to your rolling carry-on and drag that sucker up and down the terminal while you’re waiting for a flight. Burns calories, beats boredom, and you’re actually ready to sit and rest for a while when you get on the plane.
  • Bring your workout gear, no matter how short the trip! Try to squeeze in a walk or hit the hotel fitness center.
  • The hotel’s fitness center is the BEST place to snag some freebies in the morning- bottled water and fresh fruit. Almost every hotel will offer these things complementary in the fitness center, but charge you for them everywhere else.
  • Pack healthy snacks so that you never miss a meal/snack or have to eat something unhealthy that you don’t enjoy just because it’s there. It also really helps to have a little snackie so you don’t arrive somewhere hungry. Today on the plane, I snacked on a trail mix made of: dried apricots, Quaker oatmeal square cereal, almonds, and dark chocolate trips. I have a variety of bars and a couple apples (because they are a ‘sturdy’ fruit that can hold up in my suitcase) packed for the next couple days.

Sorry for no photos, like I said, I’ll be making some major upgrades in the next couple days.
Gotta get to sleep- there is a park with a 3.2 mile jogging trail around it across the street from the hotel that is calling my name for a morning jog!



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