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Olympic Fever August 10, 2008

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I don’t think I can even comprehend the amount of pressure that is placed on Olympic athletes.  Working your whole life for something, then representing your country in front of an international audience, how does one even focus, let alone execute something extremely physically demanding??  I watched the women’s gymnastics qualifying event tonight and the U.S. team seemed to waver a little under the pressure.  They’ll still come out fine in the end, but they showed they are human after all.  Swimming is on now, and I’m not really so sure Michael Phelps is human.  He might be a superhero.


Meanwhile, the Olympics at my house was much less stressful this weekend, but full of multiple events.

Saturday evening after a nice dinner out, we played a game of Scrabble while we drank some wine.  I came out with the Gold, defeating the Mr. for the first time in history.  It was probably a personal record, too, which I owe all to this 48-point word early on in the game:

08 09 08 028

Sunday afternoon we played 9 holes of golf at a Par 3 course (which means it should be easy and quick…).  It was only my second time on a golf course, but I enjoyed spending some quality time with the Mr.

08 10 08 002 08 10 08 003 08 10 08 004 08 10 08 005

08 10 08 00808 10 08 009

You might notice something in my pictures that doesn’t move, despite my best efforts 🙂


3 Responses to “Olympic Fever”

  1. hangrypants Says:

    I agree with you about Michael Phelps! It’s crazy.

    I love scrabble. Did you play on facebook before it was taken away?

    Nice try getting that ball to move. 🙂


  2. Lizzy Says:

    i love the golfing pics!! don’t worry that is me with ALL land sports! i miss soccer balls which are 100x larger than golf balls. hope your having a great week!! i can’t wait to watch the women’s gymnastics tonight..and swimming of course!

  3. Bridget Says:

    Heather- I never played the scrabble on facebook, I only heard of it after they took it away!! But I’m old school about my facebook and haven’t really downloaded any applications.

    Lizzy- glad to hear that someone who is athletic also has trouble with other sports. I always say I’m no good at sports with equipment. Honestly, I would say I’m no good at sports with balls, but I think that just sounds wrong…

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