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Healthy choices at work September 18, 2008

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I work for a large aerospace defense company.  Our employees consist of professional office-worker types as well as union ‘shop’ types who do the assembly and manufacturing.  Bottom line- not the healthiest crowd.  We have multiple cafeterias in our various buildings and they offer a range of options from burgers to deli sandwiches to a sometimes-sketchy salad bar.

I was pleased to see that a few months ago, our foodservice company started to offer healthier options in the cafeteria and even began to offer a Healthy Value Meal.  I usually steer clear of the cafeteria because I prefer to bring my own lunch, but I was too sleepy last night after class to make a lunch, so I decided to go for today’s Healthy Value Meal: a black bean burger with veggies.  The black bean burger was really good, but it was served on a white kaiser roll, so I ditched the roll and ate the Kashi TLC’s in my desk instead as my carb.  The veggies were probably stir-fried and were a little more oily than I prefer, but still good- broccoli, squash, onions, peppers.  They were next to the fries and a fry snuck into my veggies 🙂

Sorry no picture, we’re not allowed to bring cameras into work, but I’m sure you can picture it.

All in all, this meal definitely could have been healthier, but it was great progress for the work cafeteria!  I’ll have them serving whole grains in no time…


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