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Stretched Out September 29, 2008

Filed under: workouts — Bridget @ 9:48 pm

I have read from some other people in blog-land that they enjoy the combination of running and yoga.  I really like to give credit where credit is due, but I just can’t seem to find the blog where I read this.  Maybe it was in the comments.  Or maybe I made it up.

Anyways, getting out of bed this morning was a bit of a struggle, but I ended up with a great workout!  I decided to hit snooze an extra time and workout at home instead of going to the gym.  (note to self: the extra 15 minutes of sleep was really nice…should probably do this more often)  I ran for about 35 minutes on the treadmill in the basement while I watched The Office on DVD.  Then I got out this yoga DVD that the Mr. and I bought about a year ago and have only done once:


I enjoyed it when I did it before, but I have the same problem with yoga that I think a lot of runners/cardio-obsessed have: it doesn’t make me sweat.  To me, pumping heart rate + dripping sweat = workout.  Today, I was already sweaty when I started the yoga, but I really really enjoyed the combo of running + yoga.  I felt like my muscles got an awesome stretch and some toning at the same time.  My only real gripe with this DVD is that they use this block thingy, which I obviously do not have.  I’m surprised I ever committed to yoga enough to actually buy a mat, so I definitely don’t have any other yoga ‘accessories’!


One Response to “Stretched Out”

  1. Hangry Pants Says:

    I like the combo!

    I sweat at yoga if it’s challenging enough and if there are enough people in the room to make it super hot. I would say there have been times when a little puddle of sweat has formed on my mat. Sorry if that was TMI.

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