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Lay off me, I’m starving… October 2, 2008

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I have been really really hungry lately and I just can’t seem to get full.  I would say this has been going on all week.  I’m eating pretty much the same as always and nothing in my life has drastically changed:

  • I’m not working out any more than usual (in fact, this week has been a little lighter).  
  • It’s not the week before or the week of my monthly stuff.  
  • I don’t think I have a tapeworm. 
  • I’m not overly worried about something.  
  • My workload is pretty typical.  
  • I haven’t been overly bored or overly busy at work. 

The only things I can come up with are that I have been a little busier in general with school and other stuff, but if anything this involves more sitting, so I don’t need extra fuel for that.  And I wouldn’t say I’m exactly exerting a lot of brain power during class, so it’s not that either… Anyways, this is really frustrating to me because I don’t like to be hungry!  

Here are the only “reasons” I can come up with:

  • It’s getting colder and we probably have some instinct to “bulk up” to make it through the cold months.  I should dress warmer and get a little heater to put under my desk.
  • I am more tired than usual.  This probably has something to do with being out of town, drinking too much, and sleeping too little last weekend.  Also, when I have class, I don’t go to sleep until about 11 and still try to maintain my 5 am wake-up for working out.  I skipped the morning workout on Tuesday and this morning.  This is a little embarrassing, but this is actually what happened this morning: cell phone alarm went off at 5.  Husband is out of town, so cell phone was next to the bed instead of in the bathroom.  Got really confused.  Tried to turn off the actual alarm clock (which I haven’t set or used in over 9 months).  Turned on the light.  Figured out it was cell phone alarm.  Got up; dog stayed in bed.  Went into the bathroom, went potty, brushed teeth, put in contacts.  Came back into bedroom to get dressed.  Dog looked soooo cozy on the bed.  Laid down next to dog.  Spooned dog.  Thought about going back to sleep.  Set alarm for 6.  Turned light off.  Slept for another hour.  Still sleepy when I woke up…  I think I need to adjust my sleeping/working out schedule to get more zzzzz’s on most nights.  According to this article, sleep and hunger could be related.


I ate pretty normal today and tried to resist extra snacks because I know I didn’t need them.  I went over to a friend’s house for dinner and I was kind of full after a pretty big meal of bread, salad, and veggie pasta.  Then I came home and ate an ice cream sandwich while I watched the end of the VP debate…I think that almost did the trick.



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3 Responses to “Lay off me, I’m starving…”

  1. being tired definitely makes me hungrier! cold weather, too! 🙂

    get some ZZZssss this weekend 🙂

  2. lizzy Says:

    when i get less sleep on the seems to effect my hunger levels the entire next week! that could be whats happening…and i agree with the fact that the weather is starting to get colder..ive been noticing more tummy rumblings too! i hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Toni J. Says:

    “spooned dog” LOL!

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