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Celery Bog October 13, 2008

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I’m back from a weekend in West Lafayette, Indiana for a friend’s wedding.  We had a blast and I had a little too much fun…I feel much better after a day ‘back on track’ and a couple meals prepared at home!

We got to Indiana a day early for the wedding because the Mr. was the Best Man and wanted to participate in Friday’s golf outing before the rehearsal.  I happily agreed to take an extra day off work 🙂  This obviously left me with some time to kill…I did a little shopping and a little studying and I was super excited when I found this trail right across the street from the hotel:



(NOTE: My little camera is broken- all we have is our nice big SLR- which is a little inconvenient for taking on a run or a walk.  I found some images online and on Flickr and have linked each photo to its source.)

I had spotted the entrance to the trail from the car and when I ventured over on foot, I discovered it went for a few miles through a very peaceful nature area.  On Friday, I was a little cramped for time so I did about 45 minutes of running and walking.  The fall colors were gorgeous – not quite as bright as the photo below, but they’ll look like this in about two weeks.


On Saturday I headed back to the trail and walked for about an hour and a half.  About 10 minutes in, I realized I could hear nature noises (bugs!) through the music on my headphones, so I took them off and communed with nature for a while.  I’m not really much of a nature girl (I usually get tons and tons of bug bites), but I really really enjoyed this walk. 

Here’s the actual bog, which used to be home to a celery crop:


This is what I learned on Purdue’s website:

“The Celery Bog is a wetland located in West Lafayette, Indiana.  For much of the 20th century the wetland was drained and farmed.  Celery, as well as other crops, was grown in the rich peat of the drained wetland.  However, the agricultural drainage system constantly failed, which resulted in the termination of farming in the wetland. Thus, part of the former wetland has gradually reverted to wet conditions.  The wetland and important nearby sites are now preserved as the Celery Bog Nature Area. This area is listed as a significant ecological site by the Indiana Natural Heritage Program and it has become and important park in the area.”



It was nice to enjoy a little nature and exercise amidst the frat boys and alcohol that filled the rest of the weekend…


One Response to “Celery Bog”

  1. Hangry Pants Says:

    I never thought about where celery was grown. Interesting. Glad you had fun at your friend’s wedding.

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