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Ball of Nerves October 23, 2008

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Today was…quite a day.  I had a phone interview this morning at 9:30 for a job within my current company.  I haven’t had an interview in several years, so I was a little nervous before and after.  I kinda felt the same way I feel when I drink too much caffeine- a little shaky and then alternating between being not hungry AT ALL and then craving carbs/chocolate.  Weird.  Anyways, after a very un-productive few hours at work, I got a call THIS AFTERNOON that I’m their first choice for the job!  But, the manager called to warn me that it’s quite a bit different than what I do now- a completely different atmosphere and pace.  I’m definitely looking for a change of pace right now as I dislike my current job and am rather bored with it, but I need to decide if this is really the right place for me. 

Obviously, I have a lot to think about to decide if this is the right move for me.  Oh, and then there’s the fact that this job is IN MY HOMETOWN.  Right now, I live about 400 miles away from my parents, sisters, and adorable niece and nephew.  This job would put me, oh, about 10 minutes from my fam.  Lots to think about and big decisions stress me out!!

I think my heart has been beating at a faster pace than normal today.  I guess at least I burned a few more calories 🙂

On my way home from work, I must admit that I debated between going for a run to burn off some energy and drinking a bottle of wine to calm my nerves…I’m very glad that I chose the first option!!  I hit the treadmill for some speed intervals, then I took a nice hot shower, made some dinner, and settled down to watch The Office and have some wine 🙂  Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight.  They’re trying to set-up a time for me to go visit the site I could potentially be working at and I think that will help make my decision.


That’s how I feel.


P.S. I really need to see Pam and Jim together soon.  C’mon!!!


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