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From Sea to Shining Sea November 4, 2008

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What a day!  I started my day off by filling out my ballot to elect our next president and now my day is ending with Barack Obama’s victory speech. 

When I sat down in the little booth in the church lobby that was my polling place this morning, I couldn’t help but feeling a little emotional.  For the first time ever, the ballot for President and Vice President had a woman’s name and an African-American’s name.  Regardless of what I think of either one of them,  it’s about time!!  Our country has prided itself on being a “melting pot” or a “salad bowl” and accepting all different kinds of people for decades (centuries?), but I feel like this is the first time we have really shown it.  And look at what this diversity brought to the polls?  High voter turnout!! 

Today makes me proud of our country.  I know that sounds cheesy, but it must be genetic- yesterday my mom said “I feel like wearing red, white and blue and a flag pin tomorrow.”  She’s too cute 🙂


2 Responses to “From Sea to Shining Sea”

  1. HangryPants Says:

    It made me proud, too.

  2. Lizzy Says:

    aww that is really cute of your mom! my dad was soooo excited he has been texting me all day. parents are so funny!!

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