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Everything Must Go November 16, 2008

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I have a confession…I like to buy in bulk.  My husband and I have been members of Costco for about 6 months and were members at Sam’s for a year before that (I think Costco is waaaay better than Sam’s, in case you’re curious) and we’ve managed to ‘stock up’ on lots of things.  We only buy things that are either pantry items that will last for a long time (canned tomatoes, pasta, oats) or can be frozen (chicken, salmon burgers, ice cream sandwiches…).  We even have a small chest freezer for extra frozen things.  We’ve saved quite a bit of money buying in bulk, but since we are moving in about a month, we have a lot of food to eat!

From now on, grocery store trips are only for fresh things like produce and bread and we’re going to have to get creative with what we have on hand.

Tonight was easy…here are the freezer/pantry items I used:


Muir Glen Organic tomato sauce (from a package of three- only one jar left now), Barilla Plus pasta (big box of 4, still have 3 left), Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs.

I added some spinach to the pasta during the last minute of cooking and voila!


This is my husband’s portion, I had a little less than half this amount, but his was more photogenic.  Obviously this was a pretty easy meal, but I’m going to have to get more creative in the next few weeks!

If you’re a meatball fan, Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs were pretty good.  They in no way compare to my Italian mother’s meatballs, but they had a good flavor and texture.


Speaking of getting rid of things, we spent all day Saturday getting our house ready to sell.  For us, this meant cleaning and de-cluttering each room.  One notable difference is our closet.  Here’s the load I got rid of:


Most of this is from my closet (just a few items from Zach’s side).  The hangers in the front are in my car to return to the dry cleaner’s and the white trash bag in the back right is old sorority t-shirts that I’m going to give back to my college chapter.  It was always really cool to get some older t-shirts when I was in school and I’ve got some pretty cute ones that I don’t have much use for now. 

Everything else went to Goodwill.  Of note is the stack of pants in the middle (with the bright green pair on top- I think I wore those once).  That stack of about 8 pairs of pants has been two sizes too big for me for about two years.  I bought most of them the first few months I started working after college when I was at my heaviest and I’m not really sure why it’s taken me so long to get rid of them.  I’ve actually tried before and they ended up in this little pile moving from place to place in my house.  I guess deep down I’ve been hanging on to them in case I gain weight, but I’ve maintained roughly the same size for over two years, so I don’t think that’s a big risk anymore. 

Do you have anything in your closet or house that you’ve been avoiding getting rid of?


15 Responses to “Everything Must Go”

  1. Melissa S. Says:

    wow, what a loot!

    and my mom is also a cosco member…likes to buy in bulk…but on top of that, she’s ALSO a member of Sam’s…hahaha!

  2. Tina Says:

    Those turkey meatballs are the BEST! Seriously, Mal and I always buy them when we go to TJ’s. Love them! They’re great in meatball subs too!

  3. I totally wished I had a Costco nearby to buy stuff in bulk. Though I’d have a huge problem finding places to store everything in my teeny apartment!

  4. we don’t have a costco here 😦 we have a sam’s club but i don’t like it as much
    i’m still trying to get rid of some of my hubby’s stuff from his bachelor days….
    hope you have a great night!

  5. biz319 Says:

    I make my own frozen meatballs, but in a pinch, TJ’s look good!

    We just cleaned out my husbands closet and threw out OVER 100 WIRE dry cleaner hangers! It was crazy!

    I also found a purse hanging up on a hook that I hadn’t even used since 2003 – there were receipts from February 2003!

  6. VeggieGirl Says:

    Good luck with all the packing up!!

    I need to get rid of some clothes in my closet – I’m a hoarder, haha 😉

  7. Bridget Says:

    Melissa- she must really love to buy in bulk!!
    Tina- Thanks for the meatball sub tip, I think I’ll do that with some of the leftovers!
    Ashley- I can see how that would be a problem…some of our Costco stuff usually ends up in the basement!
    Gina and Biz- why do guys have so much stuff??
    VG- thanks! cleaning out the closet is kind of therapeutic- I recommend it!

  8. Bridget Says:

    That is like the ONE good thing about moving…getting rid of crap. I’ve had like 3 bags of clothes in my hallway for about 2 years just waiting to be donated, and I keep adding to them haha…lets just say good thing we dont use that hallway often 🙂

    I heard Trader Joes, so I bet I’d love the meatballs!

  9. Bridget Says:

    Oh also thanks for the tip about live writer…I have to download that ASAP!!

  10. caitlin Says:

    i love buying in bulk too!

  11. Hangry Pants Says:

    throw out the pants!

  12. Lindsay Says:

    we join sam’s club and i loveeeeee buying in bulk 🙂

  13. glidingcalm Says:

    congrats for being able to get rid of so much stuff! that’s awesome! I’m the biggest pack rat when it comes to clothes….but for good reason…I really do WEAR almost all of my clothes. Even things from 6th and 7th grade, NO JOKE! Usually they turn into my house/cleaning clothes!

    Costco is amazing……but living on your own means you only need about 2 trips there a year! Everytime my Mom comes into town, she hooks it up! I’ve never been to Sam’s Club though!

    happy weekend!

  14. glidingcalm Says:

    P.S. Those turkey meatballs look amazing!

  15. Bridget Says:

    Bridget- I had the same problem, it’s like a need a REASON to actually get rid of my stuff!
    Caitlin and Lindsay- buying in bulk is sooo addictive!
    HP- done.
    GC- 7th grade, that’s crazy!

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