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Almost T-day! November 26, 2008

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Hello and Happy Wednesday!  I had a great day today, which I attribute to three things:

#1) 3 day work weeks obviously rock.  We should really make this a permanent deal. 

#2) I went to an awesome spinning class this morning!  I think I had a little “spinning high” all morning because of the class.  It was such a great way to start my day. 

#3) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

My husband and I decided to stay put this year for Thanksgiving- his family is 4 hours away and mine is 6 hours away, but since we’ll be moving and having a lot of craziness in the near future, we decided to just stay at home.  We’re making our own Thanksgiving dinner, consisting of a turkey and our favorite sides.  I told Zach that if he wanted turkey, he could be in charge of it.  So he is!  We have the smallest turkey we could find- 9.5 lbs – in our fridge right now.  I plan to post our full Thanksgiving experience tomorrow and he might do a little guest post on his turkey-roasting. 

We will definitely both miss our families tomorrow, but I’m also excited to spend time together and maybe start some of our own holiday traditions!

Tonight we are off to a friend’s house for dinner and drinks- we’re bringing wine and Giada’s white bean dip.  Yum! 


2 Responses to “Almost T-day!”

  1. Meghann Says:

    Have a Great Cozy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I hope you start some wonderful traditions of your own!

  2. Lizzy Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope your turkey is roasting well!

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