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Hibernation December 22, 2008

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A lot of places have been hit with serious winter weather the last few days and today I just want to crawl under some covers and sleep for a few days!  I want to hibernate!!

Today in Omaha it was about 15* which is better than yesterday when I think the high was 3*.  Within 24 hours of arriving here, I bought my first long underwear in years and stronger moisturizer (my skin dries out and my hands kind of crack in the winter weather).  Brrrr!  Today I just couldn’t warm up.  I started my new job (ahhhhh, it will be ‘different’) and the office was pretty drafty.  Plus we had to go out a few times to try to get my ID, etc. squared away and my feet and face froze!  We haven’t had this kind of cold in a few years, and I’m really hoping it won’t stick around too long.  After work, my dad and I went to deliver Christmas gifts from our church’s angel tree, which meant more jumping in and out of the car.  After a warm bowl of soup, I was still freezing.  My mom reminded me that moving around is the best way to warm up, but it’s getting late, so I’m just going to go with my instinct and jump into bed 🙂

Did I mention that my mom made a really yummy soup for dinner?  And that I’m living in my parents basement and so far it kind of rocks??  I miss my hubby though- glad he gets here tomorrow!

Hope you are all keeping warm out there 🙂


7 Responses to “Hibernation”

  1. Good luck with your new job!

  2. Kelly Turner Says:

    Im hibernating too! I love it! Just bundle up in your PJs and stay warm!

    Kelly Turner

  3. Lindsay Says:

    im def hibernating as well! it’s around 20 degrees here now and way too cold for me :/

  4. Bridget Says:

    Uggg I Hate the cold!! The weather man said it was going to “warm up” a ltitle today…into the 30’s! Hahah…woohoo! Good luck with your new job! Isn’t it great to feel like a kid again at home with the parents 🙂

  5. Meghann Says:

    Stay warm! I’ll try not to rub it in that it’s suppose to be in the 80s here for christmas. 😉

  6. Erica Says:

    We have had the exact same weather here. It was 1 degree above yesterday morning…this morning it was better, 22. Meh. Beyond cold. Good luck with the new job…sounds like things are moving right along!

  7. HangryPants Says:

    I am finishing a year and a half of moving back in with my parents. Let me know if it rocks in a year! Just kidding, you’ll love it.

    Hope your new job kicks butt!

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