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Hot Weekend January 11, 2009

Filed under: workouts — Bridget @ 4:02 pm

Saturday morning I tried something else new- hot (bikram) yoga!  A yoga studio recently opened near my parents house and they offer an introductory price of $20 for 20 days of unlimited yoga.  I got up on Saturday morning and headed to the 9am class.  According to the studio’s website:

“The classes are a challenging, 90-minute workout that improves physical strength, flexibility, and balance while enhancing mental clarity and focus.  The heat accelerates the rate of change within the body, improves circulation, helps to eliminate toxins, and significantly reduces the risk of injury during stretching.  The poses work synergistically and cumulatively to return the body to a balanced state.”

My review: I loved it! I got there about 20 minutes early to pay and get acclimated to the 100* temperature in the studio.  Obviously it was hot, but I didn’t feel lightheaded or overheated at all during the class.  I enjoyed it a lot more than other yoga classes I have taken and can’t wait to go back.  I sweated a TON, but it was a very cleansing sweat and my skin felt awesome afterwards.

I’ve been hesitant to try a bikram yoga class for awhile, but if you’ve ever considered it (and you like the feel of a good sweat), go for it!  The instructor told me that it takes most people about 3 classes to get used to the heat and to truly enjoy/appreciate it, so maybe give it a couple tries if you don’t like it the first time.  I’m planning to go twice this week and to get my money’s worth for that $20 I paid!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


6 Responses to “Hot Weekend”

  1. Glad you enjoyed your yoga class!

  2. I did a similar Bikrahm intro session and really liked it as well. I went so many times because I wanted my moneys worth, but haven’t been back. Was the teacher kind of mean? Mine was. Not really mean, but ya know in non-Bikrahm it’s all about being where you are and accepting it. Well, my Bikrahm teacher did NOT have that attitude.

  3. My friend has been trying to convince me to go to Bikram yoga for a long time. I’m SO not a fan of hot rooms – saunas? no thank you! – so she hasn’t won me over yet! Glad you enjoyed it though!

  4. Jess Says:

    Sounds like an awesome class. I’ve been toying with the idea for a little while. I’ll have to see if I can find a place around here.

  5. dailygoods Says:

    Theres a place by my work that offers bikram yoga! i really want to try it! and what a deal with the $20 for 20 days!

  6. Bridget Says:

    Yay both of the “Bridgets” tried Hot Yoga this weekend!! I loved it too! It felt really great to sweat so much, definitely the good kind of sweating. Plus I can really feel it helping with my flexibilty already and I’ve only been twice!

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