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The Winter Sickies January 13, 2009

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Hi friends!  Greetings from my post on my parents’ couch.  I woke up with a sore throat this morning and I went to work, but it got worse throughout the day and a headache and some stuffiness joined in as well.  I skipped the hot yoga class I planned on going to today and came straight home, put on sweats, got a giant blanket and laid on the couch.  I’m listening to my body and plan to rest as long as I need it.  I know I’m sick because I didn’t feel like exercising or eating anything.  I know I need some fuel to help me recover, so I asked my dad to get some tomato soup since he was headed to the grocery store.  It’s really the only thing that sounds good at all, so I’m going with it.  Actually- I take that back- a smoothie or some ice cream sounds SO GOOD, but I’m really cold, so I just can’t imagine either of those things right now.

Earlier today, I tried one of these Zenergize tablets that we got at Costco last weekend for a shot of vitamin C.  I don’t really believe this much vitamin C (2500% of the RDA) is that beneficial, but I figured it couldn’t hurt!!  I had the pomegranate orange flavor and it was delicious!  I tried Emergen-C not too long ago and thought it had a weird taste, but this did not (I put mine in 16 oz. of water so that the flavor wasn’t too strong).


Get more sleep!

This article was on the front page of the local newspaper this morning and I thought it was interesting and timely!  This study says that regularly getting 8 hours of sleep strengthens your immune systems and helps your body resist colds.  Do you get 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis? I try to, but usually end up with closer to 7.5.

“The longer you sleep, the better off you are, the less susceptible you are to colds,” said lead researcher Sheldon Cohen, who studies the effects of stress on health at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University.


7 Responses to “The Winter Sickies”

  1. Erica Says:

    ugh! I hope you feel better! I want to try hot yoga so bad! I rarely get 8 hours of sleep-yikes!

  2. Yuck – hope you feel better!

  3. Hangry Pants Says:

    Oh no! Get well soon. xoxo

  4. Hangry Pants Says:

    Oh and I love getting8 hours of sleep, but I hardly ever do.

  5. Good luck getting better! I usually push to get 7. Works for me!

  6. Tom Says:

    Hi Bridget, I am the President of Bevology, makers of Zenergize. Sleep and Hydration are the best for your immune system and taking Zenergize will for sure help, it’s not just the Vit C, but also the Zinc, and Echinacea along with other Chinese herbs that do the trick. Drink two a day while sick and let me know what happens!!

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