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Standing Bow Pulling January 15, 2009

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Thanks for the get-better wishes!  I woke up on Wednesday morning with a VERY sore throat.  It hurt to talk and it even hurt to touch my neck.  I’m a big believer in keeping my germs at home/out of the office as well as not going into work when I know that I will just sit there and feel miserable all day- so I called in sick.  I spent the day on the couch napping, watching daytime TV, and reading.  I must have had a little bug, because by about 5 pm on Wed. my sore throat was almost completely gone!  Either that or that Zenergize thing really worked – I’ve been having one every day this week just in case 🙂

I felt 100% better today, so I was ready to get in some exercise.  I went to another hot yoga class and loved it even more than the first time!  The hour-and-a-half just flew by and it was the first time all week that I think I have been completely warm.  It was about -15* when I went into work this morning and about 4* when I left, so it was nice to be hot and sweaty for a while.  I should be sleeping right now, but I felt like blogging and sharing with you my favorite pose from tonight’s class: standing bow pulling pose.  I like the opposition of pulling the foot up and the other arm forward as well as the challenge of the balance.  What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Happy almost Friiiiday!  Hope you have a fun weekend planned 🙂


3 Responses to “Standing Bow Pulling”

  1. Hangry Pants Says:

    Glad you’re all better! I love dancer’s pose. It has the same oppositional thing as bow pose, but also adds an element of balance.

  2. dailygoods Says:

    im a beginner… so i like childs pose 😛

  3. Kelly Turner Says:

    you must have given it to me cause now im sick 😦

    Kelly Turner

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