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How to get your butt to the gym in the dead of winter January 27, 2009

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I think it’s officially the dead of winter, at least here in the Midwest it is.  In case you don’t want to play soccer in the snowy backyard like my dog, here are some things that have worked for me lately to get myself to the gym/working out on days when it’s tempting to lay on the couch under a blanket.

  • Plan your workouts.  I write mine in my planner and “schedule” them just like I would schedule something else important like a dentist appointment or haircut.
  • Try something new!  Add a new element or activity to your workout that you’ve been wanting to try, such as spinning, yoga, bootcamp or new machines at the gym.  I recently added hot yoga classes to my workout plan and they keep me excited because it’s something new and different.
  • If the weather breaks, DON’T go to the gym!  When you get that 50* day like the one I had here last week, get out and go for a walk or run.  A break from the gym will make you re-energized to go back the next day and some fresh air and sunshine does amazing things for your body physically and mentally.
  • Set a goal.  Research spring races and sign up for one now so that you have a goal to train for during the last few cold months.
  • Remember: working out = sweating.  No matter how cozy you might be under that blanket, you won’t be as warm (hot, even!!) as you will be in the middle of a great workout.  I think working out has been the only time lately that I’ve actually been warm all the way through.

What gets you to the gym in the winter?  If it’s not cold where you live (lucky you!), what gets you motivated to workout when the weather is bad or you just don’t want to go?



6 Responses to “How to get your butt to the gym in the dead of winter”

  1. Thanks for this motivational tips! It’s definitely cold here and I always want to stay inside instead of going to the gym!

  2. Victoria Says:

    It’s been sooo cold here! I pretty much only go to the gym when the sun is out because i know once it’s dark and cold, there’s no way I’m leaving the fireplace’s side. 🙂

  3. Erica Says:

    always my key- think about how great I will after if I do go!

  4. Hi Bridget…thanks for coming by my blog.

    To answer your hair question, I am lucky that my head just doesn’t sweat a whole lot. BUT, if it does get sweaty and I don’t have time to wash it, I’ll put some baby powder and/or body spray in it and then blow dry it. I know, kind of gross, but effective.

    Now you’ll never come back to my blog (“Ew, she’s the girl with the stanky hair!!!”) 😉

  5. Erica Says:

    Yes, winter has officially struck us, too! We are currently iced and snowed in. Luckily we have a treadmill so I get my booty on it every day, winter weather or not.

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