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Transition Time February 4, 2009

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The last few days and the weekend seemed to slip away from me, but I’m getting back on track now!  I headed back to St. Louis last weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday.  After living in separate cities for almost a month, I’m definitely ready to get back to our regularly-scheduled lives, ya know, like living together and spending time together.  One of our favorite things to do together is to just run errands.  It might sound silly, but we both enjoy getting up on a weekend morning, getting some coffee, and hitting the stores on our To Do list.  What’s your favorite “little” thing to do with your significant other?

This transition time certainly hasn’t been as bad as it could have been and I’m thankful that I am able to stay with my family and that my husband has our dog and our St Louis friends to keep him company.  The end is in sight, though: we close on our new house in Omaha on Feb. 27 and move-in that weekend.  We have a contract on our house in St. Louis, so we just need to tie that up and we’ll move on.

Until then, I’ll just keep chugging along.  My days consist of work (I like the new job- hooray!!), exercising, eating, and hanging out with my family.

I just finished a class – Power Vinyasa Flow #2.  I really enjoyed this one and can tell I have improved since I started taking hot yoga classes a few weeks ago.  I set-up my mat in the warmest room in my parents’ house, which happens to be my old bedroom, now my niece and nephew’s room.  I’m still sitting in here because it’s so warm and cozy!

So, I’ll end this random post with some pics from my weekend.  Happy Birthday, Zach!!



6 Responses to “Transition Time”

  1. Hangry Pants Says:

    I am glad you got to spend time w/ Zach! Mark and I like to take long walks. It’s such fun!

    Happy Birthday Zach!

  2. Maria Says:

    Happy Birthday to Zach! Great photos!

  3. Erica Says:

    Ugh! Being apart is stinky! I am so glad you two will be back together again. Favorite thing to do- dinner out together. Our lives seem so busy and rushed, its nice to be at a restaurant without all the distractions of home to just sit and chat!

  4. Bridget Says:

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!! It will be so great when you guys are living together again!

    I’m with you on just having a day together running errands..its just so nice, but we also love going to great restaurants!

  5. Happy birthday to your husband! I love running errands or cooking with my bf – I like feeling like we’re a team!

  6. Victoria Says:

    Enjoy your time together! My husband and I do a crossword puzzle together in bed nearly every night. I like that routine a lot.

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