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7 on the 7th February 7, 2009

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Today I joined in the virtual 7 mile race hosted by Amanda!  Lucky for me, Mother Nature fully cooperated and gave me a sunny 60* day today!  After playing with my niece and nephew this morning, I set out for my run around 2 pm.  I headed to a trail near my parents house since even though its warm today and most of the snow here is melted (the huge piles will just be a big dirty lump until April or so), the sidewalks and roads tend to be covered in sand and salt. 

So, I’m going to be perfectly honest, it was a pretty rough run today.  From the trailhead I parked at, there are 3 different choices of trails and I accidentally picked the most boring route of all.  It’s wonderful that Omaha has a lot of trails all over the area, but being Nebraska and all, a lot of them go through cornfields.  BO-RING.  As soon as I got out of the car I noticed that it was pretty windy and I ran straight into the wind for the first half of my run.  Cornfields = no break from the wind.  I just kept telling myself that if I pushed this first half, I would practically float back once I turned around and had this wind at my back.  The way back was great and I was able to pick up my speed a little.

Here’s another issue – I assumed this trail would be better marked, but it was not.  Once I realized there was not going to be a mile marker to tell me to turn around after 3.5 miles I decided to just wing it and turn around after 35 minutes, since 10 minute miles are my slowest pace (I need a Garmin!!).  I thought I would be able to figure out the distance once I got home, but the Internet has failed me on this one!  I’m pretty positive that I ran over 7 miles and my time was 65 minutes.  I’ll go ahead and call 65 minutes my official time, since I don’t have any way to figure out how far I actually ran today.  And if I ran extra, it just made me that much stronger, right?!

Thanks for organizing this Amanda, I don’t think I would have ran 7 miles today – especially in that wind- if I didn’t know others were out there doing the same!


I’m also having a pretty fantastic weekend, I’ll report more later!


6 Responses to “7 on the 7th”

  1. Melissa S. Says:

    great job w/ the 7 miler! and i know what you mean by the wind! i didn’t realize there was any until I turned around on my route and had it in my face the entire 3.5 miles back! ack!!

    but congrats! you finished and you did it! yay!!!

  2. Erica Says:

    Great run! We are having 60* weather here too this weekend, Hallelujah!, and everything is starting to melt off but I am holding off running outside until I have this one last chemo treatment behind me (it’s Friday). It has gone so well and stayed on schedule that I’m afraid to change anything about my routine until it’s done! THEN, hopefully I will have an amazing outside run!

    But I would have done the same thing you did this morning, 35 mins out, 35 mins back. Great job!! And yes, if you went farther, you’ll be that much stronger for it! Yay you! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Amanda Says:

    glad to give you that extra motivation! it certainly made it a great speedwork day for me!

  4. HangryPants Says:

    Fantastic job! I think it was really motivating to know others were running at the same time!

  5. Nobel4Lit Says:

    Good job! I also finished this “race” in 1:05. =D

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