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Detox?! February 10, 2009

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Without going into too much detail, I woke up Monday morning with the stomach flu.  YUCK.  I don’t think I have been this sick in many years and yesterday it was a little scary when I passed out a couple times.  My dad came home from work mid-morning with the stomach flu as well and he had to help me back to bed a couple times – we were quite a sight, I’m sure!  I wish my hubby could have been here to take care of me, but mom and dad are definitely second best!  Mom came home from work early and kicked into full nurse mode – delivering ice chips, cleaning, and following me every time I got out of bed.

I guess my body decided it needed to “detox” everything in my system yesterday.  Late in the day I was able to keep down a cup of Sprite and a few saltines.  I stayed home from work again today to give my body a chance to fully recover.  So far I’ve kept down a piece of toast and a few more saltines…maybe later today I’ll graduate to a food group other than carbs!  I’m happy that I was able to relocate to the couch today and have the strength to watch TV and play on the computer (who knew that took strength?).  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m ready to read food blogs just yet, you can imagine that looking at all those pictures of food wouldn’t be the best idea! 

Hope you’ve had a better start to your week 🙂


5 Responses to “Detox?!”

  1. Erica Says:

    I hope you feel better!!

  2. Jess Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Bridget Says:

    Awwww thats the worst!!!! I hope you feel better REAL soon!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hangry Pants Says:

    So sorry. I have been there and it’s awful. Food blogs are definitely NOT ok at a time like this.

    Hope you’re feeling better!


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