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A BRATty week February 12, 2009

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Thanks so much for your well wishes on my last post!  I ended up staying home from work for three days this week (I’ve never missed 3 days in a row before, it was weird) and going in today.  I did ok today, but definitely ran out of steam during the second half of the day.  That’s what having pretty much nothing in your system will do for you, I guess. 

So maybe some of you have heard this before, but on Wednesday morning my mom informed me I needed to go on the BRAT diet.  Thanks, Mom, you call me a brat and you put me on a diet?  Sheesh.  Just kiddin πŸ™‚

The BRAT diet is this:





Apparently it is often used for babies with gastro-intestinal issues, but can work for anyone.  You can also eat saltines and drink clear liquids, but no dairy products.  (I had some milk in a smoothie on Tuesday night and suspect that did me in for another day.)  So, these things are all I have eaten for the past few days and I think it helped to get some food in my system without overwhelming it.  This afternoon, however, I was craving actual food, so I got some Panera chicken noodle soup for dinner.  It immediately made my stomach hurt, but now, 2 hours later, I’m feeling fine!  Maybe someday soon I’ll be able to eat vegetables again πŸ™‚

Did anyone else watch The Office and 30 Rock tonight?  I thought both were very funny πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “A BRATty week”

  1. Sophia Says:

    wow, that sounds like an intense diet regimen. I’d never be able to do that! but I hope you get better! good luck~

  2. Erica Says:

    Hey! I thought the office was crazy! Ohhh Michael! Hmmm I’m not much for diets/regimens that cut out a lot of the nutrients you need/your body craves. EVERYTHING in moderation is the only way to eat….in my book.

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