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Get it together January 15, 2010

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I have visions of being one of those people who has their life super organized and streamlined, gets things done on time – in advance, even , are 5 minutes early for everything, always has a tidy house decorated for the season, and just generally has their shit together. I, however, am not one of those people. I might appear organized with my Moleskine planner and all of my lists, but I will inevitably leave one of those things to the very very last minute and along the way make something more difficult than it needs to be.

Take this weekend for example. In 5 hours, my husband and I will be on a plane on the way to St. Louis to visit some friends and for me to attend a baby shower on Sunday. I have known about this shower for, oh, 3 months at least. Buying a gift for the shower has been in the back of my mind that entire time, but why would I buy the gift early? No, no that would be too easy. I had visions of myself showing up for the weekend with a beautifully wrapped small, flat, but incredibly useful gift. Some bedding for the crib, maybe a book, maybe a travel changing pad.

And then along came this week. On Tuesday afternoon, I headed straight to Babies R Us after work to buy this perfect gift. I printed out the registry and wandered around and around the store. I was planning to check an extra duffle bag for some of the items I need to bring to help host the shower, so my gift didn’t need to be too tiny, but realistic enough to put in a duffle bag. After flipping through the pages of the registry over and over again, I realized that most of the “good stuff” had already been purchased. The only things left were a bajillion bottles and the nipples (hehe) that go with them. Come on, this is a dear friend, I can do better than an empty bottle for her first born child! And then I found the gift that even a DINK like me knows every mother and baby loves – the Bumbo seat! Perfect for sitting your adorable baby in while you do something else with your tired arms and let him or her see what sitting up feels like. Of course, I had to ask someone to help me find it (the organization of that store must magically make sense once you have a bun in the oven). I stared at the boxes and surveyed if this was the right gift to pack to fly on a plane. Hmmm, it’s a little bigger than I thought…and what an odd-shaped box. But the babies on the box are having so much fun, this is just the perfect gift. I will make it work.

I did find a duffle bag that the Bumbo would fit in (albeit much larger than the one I originally planned on taking), so I figured I was good to go. Fast-forward to last night – the night before we are to leave – around 10 p.m. and I’m finally getting around to wrapping this thing. I fought with the wrapping paper for a good 20 minutes. A hexagonal box?! Really?!?! As I was struggling to cover every inch of the box with pastel paper covered in little arks and baby animals, it finally hit me. WHY am I trying to pack and take this large awkward-shaped seat to St Louis? Will my friend like me any less if I get her a different gift? Will no one else buy her this seat at the shower she has next month?

So now I am anxiously counting down the minutes until I can leave work, not only because I’m ready for the weekend and to see my long-lost friends, but so that I can dash off to Babies R Us again (GAH!!) to exchange this seat for something like a thermometer and a pack of white onesies. Which I will then rush home to wrap in the remaining ark paper before packing the rest of my things and heading off to the airport.

But, you know, I have all of this written down in my planner, so my shit is together. J


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  1. I like your blog girlie 😉

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