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Goodbye, Summer September 21, 2008

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I had a wonderfully free weekend and am sending Summer 2008 out on a calm, peaceful, well-organized, my-life-is-so-together note.

The Mr. and I went to happy hour with some friends followed by a quick pizza dinner on Friday night.  On Saturday, he played in a golf tournament and I went in search of some trails near our house.  I would never have known the trail existed if someone hadn’t told me, but I ended up having a nice run on a shady tree-lined trail.  I ran for about 55 minutes, which I estimate to be somewhere in the 5.5 to 6 mile range.  It was a great run: I felt strong, in shape, and healthy…all feelings I love.  I stopped by the gym afterwards for a quick round of legs and abs.

After I cleaned up myself and the house, I headed to the mall for some much-needed jeans shopping.  I’ve had gift certificates to Nordstrom burning a hole in my handbag for about a month.  I had planned to spend the gift cert on a new pair of designer jeans, but dreaded the actual shopping trip.  In fact, I had already tried to find some a few weeks ago, but ended up leaving the dressing room about 3 try-ons in because I could already feel myself heading toward a bad mood.  I have always had a hard time finding jeans (or pants in general) that fit well.  I don’t feel like I really fit into any of the typical “body shape categories“.  I guess I’m closest to a pear because my problem with jeans is always this: too tight in the thighs and booty, big gap at the back of the waistband.  I feel like my body looks completely normal, but everytime I try on pants, clothing manufacturers everywhere tell me I’m not!  Anybody else have this problem??

Anyways, about 392 pairs of jeans later I ended up with a pair from Paige Premium Denim.

Shopping trip complete.  And, in a strange twist of denim fate, today the Mr. and I stopped by Marshalls to return some jeans he bought, and I found a pair of Michael Kors jeans for $40 that fit perfectly.  Obviously, I bought those too!

In other shopping news, on Friday afternoon I picked up our anniversary gifts- his and hers iPod Touches.  We’ve spent all weekend playing with them and I think I’m in organizational love.  In addition to all my music and stuff, I’m using the calendar and a task manager thing (iProcrastinate Mobile from the app store) to keep all of my to-do lists for home and school in one place.  I can keep it in my purse and update things whenever I want!

R.I.P. paper planner…


So that’s it, Summer 2008.  You’ve been good, although a little too hot and humid for my taste.  Smell ya later.