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Goodbye, Summer September 21, 2008

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I had a wonderfully free weekend and am sending Summer 2008 out on a calm, peaceful, well-organized, my-life-is-so-together note.

The Mr. and I went to happy hour with some friends followed by a quick pizza dinner on Friday night.  On Saturday, he played in a golf tournament and I went in search of some trails near our house.  I would never have known the trail existed if someone hadn’t told me, but I ended up having a nice run on a shady tree-lined trail.  I ran for about 55 minutes, which I estimate to be somewhere in the 5.5 to 6 mile range.  It was a great run: I felt strong, in shape, and healthy…all feelings I love.  I stopped by the gym afterwards for a quick round of legs and abs.

After I cleaned up myself and the house, I headed to the mall for some much-needed jeans shopping.  I’ve had gift certificates to Nordstrom burning a hole in my handbag for about a month.  I had planned to spend the gift cert on a new pair of designer jeans, but dreaded the actual shopping trip.  In fact, I had already tried to find some a few weeks ago, but ended up leaving the dressing room about 3 try-ons in because I could already feel myself heading toward a bad mood.  I have always had a hard time finding jeans (or pants in general) that fit well.  I don’t feel like I really fit into any of the typical “body shape categories“.  I guess I’m closest to a pear because my problem with jeans is always this: too tight in the thighs and booty, big gap at the back of the waistband.  I feel like my body looks completely normal, but everytime I try on pants, clothing manufacturers everywhere tell me I’m not!  Anybody else have this problem??

Anyways, about 392 pairs of jeans later I ended up with a pair from Paige Premium Denim.

Shopping trip complete.  And, in a strange twist of denim fate, today the Mr. and I stopped by Marshalls to return some jeans he bought, and I found a pair of Michael Kors jeans for $40 that fit perfectly.  Obviously, I bought those too!

In other shopping news, on Friday afternoon I picked up our anniversary gifts- his and hers iPod Touches.  We’ve spent all weekend playing with them and I think I’m in organizational love.  In addition to all my music and stuff, I’m using the calendar and a task manager thing (iProcrastinate Mobile from the app store) to keep all of my to-do lists for home and school in one place.  I can keep it in my purse and update things whenever I want!

R.I.P. paper planner…


So that’s it, Summer 2008.  You’ve been good, although a little too hot and humid for my taste.  Smell ya later.


All-American Weekend August 3, 2008

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What a great weekend!

On Saturday morning, the Mr. and I got up and decided to head to our local farmer’s market. We tried to go to this one about two months ago, only to arrive around 10:30 am to find one vendor selling watermelons. We had much better luck this time! It’s still a pretty small farmer’s market, but these are truly local farmers selling local foods.

08 01 08 003

We got a good haul of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cabbage, and peaches – all for $11!! I think farmer’s markets are totally win-win; you support local farmers and know exactly where you food came from and at about half the price of the grocery store. (So I guess that’s win-win-win!)

08 01 08 018

This market is located right on the Missouri riverfront in Historic St. Charles, MO. There are lots of cute restaurants, bars and shops nearby, so we headed to a local coffee shop for breakfast. An iced caramel latte for me, an iced mocha for him, and a cinnamon roll for two:

08 01 08 008

While we sipped our coffees and digested, we walked around the shops on Main Street. St. Charles was the original capital of Missouri, and the buildings on this street are all historic. I’m kind of an American history nerd (don’t even get me started on pioneers!), so I really like walking around this part of town. 08 01 08 009 08 01 08 011

On Saturday evening, we had tickets to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Philadelphia Phillies. I love going to baseball games and we had a great time, even if it was hot, humid, and sweaty 🙂

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