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Summer Sweat August 5, 2008

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Is that title too graphic?! It’s just been so HOT here. Sorry to whine and I know it’s hot everywhere, but ICK! A cold front finally came in this evening, so on my way home from class at 9:30, it was actually cooler (79 degrees) than it was on my way to the gym at 5:15 this morning (84 degrees).

On to the good kind of sweat…I actually LIKE to sweat, when I mean to! A nice sweaty workout just makes me feel so good and kinda ‘cleaned out’ inside. I’ve been trying to incorporate more strength training into my workouts. I usually get in 1 to 2 full-body strength training sessions a week, but I would really like to increase the amount and intensity to tone up. So, I’m shooting for 3 sessions a week.

Yesterday morning I did strength training #1 and tried out Gina a.k.a. Fitnesssista’s latest workout. It incorporated some things I had never done before and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t get to try the Hamstring Stability Ball Roll, though, because all the stability balls were being held hostage in the group exercise room and there was a class going on. I think I’ll try to do it tomorrow, though- it’s always fun to try new things with the stability ball and then watch it roll away when I mess up. Anyways, I am all kinds of ‘good sore’ today- mostly in my pecs and in some muscles in my back that I don’t know the name of and don’t think I have ever worked before.

Finally, does anyone know the real answer to this question: If I strengthen my pecs, will my boobies get smaller? Or will it make them look bigger?

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